Vitamin B 17, Vitamin B 15, and Beta Glucan. All the human beings have bodies which, however, cannot live without the presence of vitamins in them because vitamins play a very vital role in their bodies. We find vitamins in the food we eat but specifically on certain foods, like vegetables, because it is not all the foods that we ingest contain vitamins in them, others have different nourishment. There are a variety of vitamins that are known to man and some of them are Vitamin B 17 and Vitamin B 15 just to mention but a few. These vitamins have a variety of features that come along with them which they do when we ingest them into our bodies. We are going to start with the first vitamin, which is vitamin B 17 and talk about it a little. One use of the Vitamin B 17 is that it can be used and is still being used for treatments to cancer patients, this is because it has been classified as being one of the present anti- cancer agents that are known.
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Helping to minimize the pains that are, however, caused by arthritis in arthritis patients can be said to be the other use of this vitamin B 17 in our bodies. However, what we call arthritis is when our bones ache a lot, those in our legs making us sometimes not even to walk properly, and if this pain can be done away with by this vitamin B 17, then that is a very pleasant thing to know.
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The other function of the vitamin B 17 is reducing blood pressure in our bodies. High blood pressures are not healthy to our bodies and if there is a remedy for preventing that, then we should all look into that. Vitamin B 17 however, has another function in our bodies in that in adds or increases the immunity of our bodies. Regular ingesting of this Vitamin B 17 into our bodies will ensure that our bodies are healthy all the times, and by this, we can also be able to take care of our responsibilities in our lives. The other vitamin however, is vitamin B 15, which first, helps in forming some of the amino acids that are also required by our bodies so as to function properly. Another function of Vitamin B 15 is to lessen the occurrence of head pains in one’s body. The other function of vitamin B 15 however, is to bring down or lower the blood cholesterol which affect our health negatively and can lead to heart related illnesses. Being sugars that are found in the cell walls of even plants, Beta Glucan strengthen immune systems of individuals’ bodies who might have weak immune systems.

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