5 Top Donut Flavors

Donuts are a special part in the hearts of a lot of people. They have come to symbolize warmth, happiness, and sweet reward and are a unique element of Western culture. They’re not always empty calories, inasmuch as they’re not an especially healthy breakfast. They come in tens of thousands of flavors, and everyone appears to have their favorite. Below are five of the top donut flavors, as well as the history behind them.

Boston Creme

This is a yeast-kind donut topped with chocolate frosting and filled with vanilla cream. It’s similar in flavor to Boston cream pie.


You will find just two main varieties of doughnuts; cake and yeast style. Cake donuts are more dense than yeast donuts and they are able to hold up to all sorts of decorations. They also can be glazed although they are regularly iced and sprinkled. They come in chocolate and a light version as well, plus they can also be sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.


Yeast donuts are airy and light, thanks to the actions of the yeast in the dough. They can be iced, sprinkled, flavored, similar to Cake donuts, but they’re considerably different in flavor from that of the cake donut.


The jelly donut is similar in style to the Boston cream one, but this one is filled up with a cherry, strawberry, or lemon-flavored gel or jam.

Glazed Flavor

This is typically the most popular donut type. It really is light and yeasted, with a chewy bite and a sugar glaze that imparts just enough sweetness to the scented dough. They are best served warm, a service top doughnut stores have perfected. It’s no wonder customers flock in large numbers to these stores when they glazed donuts are hot and ready, typically prompted by a “Hot Now” window sign.

Doughnuts have a history as “knots of dough. American families in the early days prepared sweet yeast dough and cooked them in boiling fat, typically lard, after twisting them. Frequently, they were then seasoned with cinnamon sugar, similar to the cruller donut today. On the other hand, the earliest recorded reference of a donut was made in 1809 by Washington Irving in ‘History of New York’. In it, he defined them as “sweetened dough balls fried in hog’s fat. ” This likely means the name “donut” really identifies a nut-shaped dough piece, rather than a dough ‘knot’. The credit for the famous hole in the doughnut goes to Captain Hanson Crockett Gregory. But regardless of the source, donuts have a special place in western culture and they’re definitely here to stay.

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