Publish Your Android App Publishing is a process that makes Android apps available to the end users. When publishing an app in Google Play, there are basically two important tasks needed to be done and one, it is to prepare the application for release. During which, app developers need to build a release version of the application in which users can download and install on their Android devices and two, release the app to the users wherein developers can get to publicize, sell and also, distribute the release version of the app to users. In addition to that, as best practice the app has to meet all release criteria for stability, performance and functionality before starting the publishing process. Speaking of publishing, it is a multi-step process to which every single app developer has to do from configuring the app for release, building and signing a release version of the app, testing the release version of the application, updating app resources for release and preparing remote services and servers that your app will depend on. You may need to do a number of other tasks as part of the preparation process. For instance, you’ll need to get private key to sign your app, you additionally need to create an icon for the app and you have to prepare EULA or End User License Agreement in order to protect your organization, people worked on developing the app as well as intellectual property.
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Once you are done in preparing the app for release, you will be receiving a signed .apk file that can be distributed to users.
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As you publish an app from Google Play, there are simply 3 basic steps that are involved in the process and these include: Step number 1. Preparing promotional materials – in order to leverage the publicity and marketing capabilities of Google Play to the fullest, you should create promotional materials for your app like videos, promotional text, graphics and screenshots. Step number 2. Configuring options and upload assets – Google Play makes it possible to target massive pool of devices and users by means of configuring different Google Play settings from countries you like to reach, listing languages you want to use and price you want to charge in every country. Step number 3. Publish the release version of the app – in the event that you are satisfied that the publishing settings are configured correctly and that your uploaded app is ready to be released in public, you may simply need to click publish in Play Console and your app will be live within minutes. It’s relatively easy to publish an app from Google Play, so long as everything is done right so it will reach the people you target.

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