Techniques of Hydrating our Body in a Hot Weather

Flesh and blood are the two parts that make our body. The flesh is made up of bones, muscles, ligaments, organs and other structures. The flesh is used to perform activities such as walking and jumping. The role of the blood is to keep the flesh alive. There are many things that are found in blood. For an instance we have enzymes, cells, and sugars as examples of things found in the blood. Water has been known to make the largest percentage in the composition of the blood. Blood is normally red in color. It has been noted for oxygenated blood to be dark red in color while deoxygenated blood to be light red in color. There are several functions of the blood. Blood helps in the distribution of heat in the body by circulation process through its vessels. Some of the examples of classes of blood vessels are aorta, veins, capillaries, venules, and arterioles. Blood vessels differ in terms of size and functionality. The largest blood vessel has been known to be the aorta while the smallest one the capillaries.

Blood circulation helps in the distribution of important nutrients in the tissues of the body. Blood also helps in the removal of the waste substances from the body. Blood plays a role in improving the health of the body. Blood cells make sure the body is healthy at all times. Platelets found in the blood help in the healing process of the physical injuries. White blood cells boost the immunity of the body. The function of the red cells is to transport gasses into and out of the body. The body is vulnerable to dehydration. It has been known for dehydration of the body to occur during summer. Expect the body to sweat through activities such as exercises and businesses. The skin has sweat glands that excrete water and salts through evaporation when the weather is hot. Dehydration is very dangerous to the body since it can bring problems such as a headache and brain malfunctioning.

We should always stay in a cool environment when the climate is hot to avoid dehydration cases. There are a few methods we can use to make our body be hydrated especially in summer. Consuming a lot of water can make our body to be hydrated always during hot weather. It is recommended for one to take eight glasses of water daily to offset dehydration. We can hydrate our body by eating foods that have high water content such as vegetables and fruits. We should distance ourselves from drinks such as alcohol that can make our body be dehydrated.

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