I’ve been growing all sorts of thing recently, and I’ve really gotten into gardening. I have even started to grow some beets, because apparently they are not too hard to grow in the part of the country that I live in. I have never really been a big fan of beets, but I thought about it, and figured I would grow them anyway and learn to like them. I just started learning about the health benefits of beets as well which is something that I did not have any idea about when I first decided that I would plant them in my garden. So I guess that there are some other benefits to growing this plant, and I do hope that I will learn to like it.

I was reading a little bit more into the subject and I learned that it is good for hypertension and that it can help to prevent cardiovascular disease as well. I imagine that those statements have to be qualified, because I know that a large portion of the beets that are eaten are pickled beets, and pickles, generally, do not tend to be very healthy. It is because in order to help to extend their shelf life, a lot of salt and sugar are included in their manufacture. Of course, you can make your own with less of both ingredients, and if you’re willing to decrease the shelf life even more, you could always make fridge pickles, and cut down on the salt and sugar even further. I have been learning to can things over the last few months, and so I will probably give making some healthier beet pickles a go as well. I wonder if there are any other vegetables that are good to pickle along side of beets. I am not sure.

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