The Wedding Sand Ceremony The wedding sand ceremony is intended to unite two families in the wedding. Although the wedding sand ceremony is simple, it is a strong link between the two families. The members of the two families usually join in pouring different colored sand into a vessel. The sand form layers which symbolizes the harmony of the two families. The wedding sand ceremony is somehow similar to the unity candle. Wedding sand is preferred since the vessel containing the different layers of sand last forever while in the unity candle, the lit candle will blow out after some time. Strict rules do not govern wedding sand as in the case of wedding ceremony. The ceremony is not mandatory and can be omitted. The wedding ceremony is the ideal time to have the wedding sand ceremony since the two families are available. The ceremony usually take place just after the couples have exchanged the vows and the rings. The ceremony will strengthen the vows exchanged and also act as another symbol of unification. The two families will also get an opportunity to be united apart from the unification by the couple. The wedding sand requires that everyone who is going to take part in the pouring of sand to have unique sand color. The amount of sand required is not restricted but varies according to the number of participants and the size of the vessel. To get the different colored sand you should visit the bridal stores. The vessel should be of a portable size as you are expected to carry it home. The bridal shops stores different sizes of vessel depending on the number of participants.
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The official always hands the glasses of sand to the participant after saying an opening speech pertaining to the significance of the ceremony. It is always recommended that the bridegroom be the first person to pour the sand. The second in the sand pouring protocol is the bride. The third in the protocol are always the family members you were set to participate. The last layers is sealed by a mixture of color sand that will be poured by all the participants at the same time. The top layer of a mixture of colors symbolizes the unity of the family members.
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To make the vessel more specific and symbolic you can paint the two family names on it. The color of the sand to be used must also be very distinct. The couples can also recite their vows before pouring the sand. The presiding officer can also be allowed to pour sand in case the wedding is religious to represent the presence of God.

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