Uncontrolled high blood pressure is the cause of so many severe and fatal diseases. It will surreptitiously damage your vital organs, and most of the time, the sufferers only realize it after it’s too late. Even though high blood pressure is very dangerous, you can reverse this condition if you change your lifestyle, exercise regularly and control your diet. If you don’t control your blood pressure, it will result in these following complications.

Artery Damage

High blood pressure can harden your arteries. Arteries need to be elastic in order to flow the blood well. So, when the arteries are thickening, cholesterol and toxins can get attached to the arteries wall and inhibit the blood flow. Blocked arteries can lead to various dangerous diseases such as aneurysm and permanent vision problems.

Brain Damage

Our brain cannot function without good blood flow. Blockage in the arteries can also lead to several dangerous brain damage such as stroke. Stroke can happen when your brain doesn’t receive adequate blood flow. We all know what danger stroke can bring to human body. It can make you forgetful and even paralyzed your body, depends on where the location of the blood clot in your brain is. When the stroke is getting worse, it can even lead to dementia that will reduce your brain function significantly.

Kidney Damage

One of the most dangerous effects of high blood pressure is kidney failure. Once again, it has something to do with the arteries. When the arteries that regulate blood flow to your kidney are damaged, it can lead to kidney failure and kidney aneurysm. And when your kidney cannot function properly, your whole body will be affected as well.

There are so many dangerous effects of uncontrolled high blood pressure that can damage the vital organs in your body. Therefore, it is best to do routine medical checkup so you can avoid those fatal diseases.

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